WHAAAAAAAT, have you seen ANY bond movie? particularly Roger Moore’s, I mean some of them qualify more like Saturday morning cartoon logic, believe me last 3 Bond movies made a whole lot more sense than almost any before, they’re not as fun though. » 4/23/15 7:31am Thursday 7:31am

This will rattle Greenpeace's cage, lets take an endangered species to feed an already extinct species. Couldn't they also clone some prehistoric manatees? Ok, I guess those could be cloned sharks, given that the island is supposedly in the tropics and there are no white sharks there. » 4/15/15 8:17am 4/15/15 8:17am

Every single Pop star catered to teen agers. Sitcoms like Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Man. The Hobbit Movies MARK MY WORDS they will not age well. Memes, anything in Sy-Fy or whatever its called these days, anything with Zombies, every Call of Duty game, every sports game. » 4/14/15 2:14pm 4/14/15 2:14pm